IT-1, IT-2, IT-3 Coin Ecosystem

Introspection Token 1
Rate: 1 IT-1 / 0 USDT
Introspection Token 2
Rate: 1 IT-2 / 0 USDT
Introspection Token 3
Rate: 1 IT-3 / 0 USDT

Basic rules and theses of the monetary system

The purpose of Coin IT-1: to be an index of the exchange rate of the entire ecosystem with dependent coins

The purpose of Coin IT-2: to be the main means of payment of the ecosystem with dependent coins.

The purpose of Coin IT-3: to be a dividend coin with a super high potential for the growth of its own exchange rate.

Rule 1

Coin IT-1, when credited to the user, is blocked in the user's wallet. It cannot be sent anywhere or to anyone, not to any wallet address, including the liquidity pool wallet address. This is a completely blocked asset.

Rule 2

If the user does not buy Coin IT-1 once a week for an amount of $10 or more, then 20% of all his Coin IT-1 burns. But if bought, then it does not burn.

Rule 3

For example, when 100 coins IT-2 are credited to the user's wallet by the system, 100 Coins IT-1 burn for the user.

Rule 4

The growth of the Coin IT-1 exchange rate unlocks the Coin IT-2 in proportion

Rule 5

The exchange rates of Coins IT-1 and IT-2 are synchronized every $300 of liquidity volume

Rule 6

Coin IT-2 is a means of payment and cannot be transferred anywhere except to the liquidity pool address, directly or through our website. This is a means of payment and its purpose is for you to be able to sell it at any time. However, you are allowed to keep Coin IT-2 to sell it later at a higher rate.

Rule 7

Coin IT-2 and Coin IT-1 are interdependent, and Coin IT-2 grows in price with the exchange rate of Coin IT-1. The user can hold it on his wallet without restrictions.

Rule 8

Coin IT-2 can be obtained anytime by paying a fee on the website. Or, wait until $10 accumulates in Coin IT-2, then the system will send you the coin without you paying the fee.

Rule 9

The growth in the number of users speeds up payments to each user.

Rule 10

The amount of Coin IT-1 on the user's wallet increases the size of the payment to the user in Coin IT-2.

Rule 11

Every 3, 7, 17, 29, 37 transactions to purchase Coin IT-1 in the amount of over $10 trigger a $4 USDT allocation. This reward principle operates independently of others and operates on a permanent basis.

Rule 12

Coin 3 is purchased only by the rule of one to three, that is, you need to have $300 in Coin IT-1 and then the system will allow you to buy Coin IT-3 for $100.

Rule 13

Coin IT-3 is issued by final emission

Rule 14

Coin IT-3 constantly pumps 20% in liquidity tokens from each transaction to purchase Coin IT-1.

Rule 15

Coin IT-3 burns upon sale, increasing the value of the remaining coins.

Rule 16

Partner program rewards come strictly in USDT, starting from $10. Automatically!

Rule 17

Initially, the Coin IT-2 selling mechanism is automatic, but it can be turned off by sending 1 coin IT-2 to the switch wallet address. Also, if necessary, it can be turned on again.

Rule 18

Also, there is a service that can make weekly payments for you if enough money is loaded into it. You can set it up for three weeks, three years, it's up to you.


The main thing in the ecosystem