IT-1, IT-2, IT-3 Coin Ecosystem

Miner Coin
Rate: 1 MNR / - 0 USDT

Mining USDT-BEP 20

The Miner coin is created for mining the IT-2 coin.
The IT-2 coin is liquid and can be sold for USDT-BEP 20.

Every third purchase of the Miner coin triggers the automatic sale of 30% of your Miner coin from your wallet. It also automatically credits your wallet with the IT-2 coin, which you can sell to receive USDT-BEP 20 into your personal wallet.

Since each purchase of the Miner coin is made with the IT-2 coin, each Miner coin becomes more expensive and requires more IT-2 coins per Miner coin. As more IT-2 coins work with the Miner coin, the IT-2 coin becomes more valuable in USDT-BEP 20. You can always sell IT-2 and receive USDT-BEP 20, which you can easily exchange for any fiat currency.

Important to know and understand the rules of the Miner coin

  • Miner can only be bought with IT-2.

  • Miner is automatically sold by the smart contract every third transaction. Miner cannot be sold manually.

  • The automatic sale of the Miner coin gives you the IT-2 coin. The IT-2 coin is liquid, and IT-2 can always be sold for USDT-BEP 20.

  • You need to buy Miner with at least 1 (one) IT-2 coin per week, otherwise 20% of all your Miner coins will be burned.

  • Each purchase of Miner raises the value of the Miner coin in IT-2, which can be sold for USDT-BEP 20.

  • Miner can be bought only from one (1) IT-2 coin.


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